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Bonnie Bowles Esq.

​Hello!  I’m Bonnie Bowles, your neighborhood Personal Family Lawyer®.

My goal is to be your trusted advisor who helps you make the very best personal, financial, and legal decisions for your family throughout your lifetime. I want to help you not just now, but also when you can’t be there so that I can help guide your loved ones through a difficult process.

In short, my sole focus is to help families avoid collapse after the death or disability of a loved one.

My passion for helping families came really from three experiences that shape my practice and how I interact with my clients.

First of all, when I was a litigator I found that hourly billing practically encourages my clients NOT to call me!

No one wants that bill in the mail simply because they needed to reach out to me. Now, everything I do is flat fee agreed to in advance. No surprises.

Second, when you don’t plan ahead to determine your own desired outcomes about family relationships or business partnerships, I found that the law – basically a total stranger to you – dictates what happens to you personally, what happens to your family and your children, and what happens to your assets.

State law, drafted by people you don’t know, essentially dictates your life. I’ve never seen a situation where state law matched what a client really, truly wanted by the time they had come to me with their problem. Now I help families avoid this scenario altogether by planning in advance, exactly how they want.

Finally, we all know we’re a number when it comes to the IRS, to the DMV, and to the court system.

But you don’t have to be a number when it comes to your attorney. You’re not a number. You have values, goals, and aspirations to fulfill, and you have a family. You need an ongoing relationship with a lawyer who will help both you and your family when they need it most. That’s what we provide.

I want you to know you’ve made a big step toward peace of mind simply by reading this.

We have many resources for you so you can ensure your family and loved ones stay out of court and out of conflict, if and when something happens to you. I'd love to share some of these resources with you going forward.

Browse around, see what we have, and feel free to request any of the resources we have for you, complimentary.

A s your Personal Family Lawyer® I’d love to start protecting the people you love and everything else you care about today. I look forward to meeting you!


Firm ​Origins

​Bonnie’s legal career began in 2007 in Texas, her home state. After nine months of working at a plaintiffs litigation firm in Houston, Bonnie took a step back and a breather to make sure she was headed on the right career path for her.

Bonnie’s breather was to spend a winter in Angel Fire, New Mexico, as a ski instructor for little 3-5 year-old kiddos – something she had always wanted to do.

It turns out that while there, Bonnie met her now-husband Tom, who at the time was the chef and owner of a fine dining restaurant in the small ski and golf town.

Bonnie and Tom married a year later and considered for a couple of years about whether to stay in New Mexico or do something different. Then they decided to move to Denver, Tom’s hometown, to raise their family.

As soon as they moved, Bonnie was expecting their first child together. And it was right at that time that Bonnie realized the life of litigation was not for her or her family.

Bonnie had the opportunity over those years to do estate planning here and there, and what she realized is that it is NOTHING like what they teach you in law school – they teach you all about filing petitions, discovery, depositions, motions, evidence, juries, appeals.

Estate planning is about you knowing what you want to achieve and our helping you achieve it. No courts, no opposing counsel, no depositions. Only you, your family, and your planning.

Bonnie knew she had to transition to estate planning full-time.

When she was just three days from the due date with her first child, Bonnie founded her first law firm, solo and totally new at this and determined to make a difference in her clients’ lives.

Over the next 6.5 years, Bonnie added a law partner, associate attorneys, and team members to help her serve her clients.

And also over those years Bonnie and Tom added a little girl (their first), along with twin boys and another little girl. Life is busy.

Eventually something had to give.

Bonnie couldn’t continue the full-time attorney lifestyle at the sacrifice of her family. Bonnie sold out her half of the law firm to her law partner and embarked on a new venture helping other attorneys build out their estate planning practices.

Even so, Bonnie continues to take on 1-2 new estate planning clients per month. It is that important to her to protect families that estate planning is really never that far in the rear-view mirror.​

The bottom line is that while you could purchase estate “planning” documents online, the documents are not the focus of our relationship. They are merely the byproduct.

Our focus is to help you make the best legal decisions for your family, both now and in the future. You have peace of mind knowing we are here if and when something happens.

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